Clare Smith


Abstract art

My abstract art provides me with a unique avenue for exploration and expression. It allows me to venture beyond the tangible, delving into the realm of emotions, thoughts, and the intangible aspects of existence. With bold colours, fluid movements, and layers of texture, I create abstract compositions that invite you to interpret and connect with the artwork on a deeply personal level. Each piece becomes a visual symphony of emotions and energies, inviting contemplation and sparking the imagination.

Fluttering Whispers

Original painting SOLD

Flight of dreams

Original painting SOLD

Something is coming

'Something is Coming' is an enigmatic abstract painting that captivates the you with its dynamic composition and vibrant palette, evoking a sense of anticipation and imminent change.

Original painting SOLD

Acrylic on Canvas board. 20 x 16 inches / 51 x 41 cm

Flight of Kaleidoscope Dreams

My abstract butterfly painting is a vibrant burst of color and movement, where bold brushstrokes and intricate patterns converge, creating a captivating symphony of beauty and imagination.

Original painting SOLD

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. 20 x 16 inches / 51 x 41 cm.

Gilded Moonlit Enchantment

A captivating painting featuring a luminous moon crafted with delicate gold leaf amidst a serene woodland landscape.

Original painting SOLD

Gold leaf on stretched canvas. 40 x 30 cm.

Flight of Abstraction

Daringly sculpted layers of pigments converge and flow, evoking the untamed essence of a bird's flight through the innovative use of a catalyst wedge.

Original painting SOLD

Acrylic On Stretched Canvas. 40 x 30cm

Meadows of Serenity

Colourful flowers mountain